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Full Description

GROTABTM is a compressed biostimulant in tablet form that creates a synthesis of 3 different approaches to the fertilization of all trees, shrubs, ornamentals, and garden plants. At 250 spores per tablet, the GROTABTM tablet is loaded with Mycorrhizae. It stimulates colonization of the root system and creates an environment for rapid root and plant growth through increased nutrient uptake. Reduces plant transplant shock. The GROTABTM tablet is also fortified with Trichoderma. Acting as a natural root protector, Trichoderma is nature’s best defense against various soil diseases. It also increases a plant’s ability to metabolize nutrients. The GROTABTM tablet also delivers important plant food. With 12% Nitrogen, 8% Phosphorus and 4% Potash, GROTABTM also supplies essential plant nutrients.


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